Chem Dawg 510 Full Spectrum Vape

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Introducing our new, limited release Chem Dawg full-spectrum 510 vape cartridge, made with single-strain, full spectrum extract for true to plant flavour and benefits. 
Experience the earthy, citrus and peppery flavours of Chem Dawg in a convenient, portable format. 
Our extraction method delivers a vape rich in natural cannabis flavour and does not contain any Vitamin E acetate, additives or fillers. 

Top 3 Terpenes:    

Onset of Effects: Vapes can provide fast relief, with onset of effects within seconds to minutes and laster for a shorter duration (3-4 hours) vs. ingestible formats (up to 12 hours). 

Vaporizing cannabis instead of smoking, is associated with a smaller quantity of toxic by-products and a more efficient extraction method of cannabinoids. 

It is strongly advised to consult your health care practitioner to find the most appropriate cannabinoid and dose for your condition. In general, patients are advised to start low and go slow, i.e., start on a low dose, and wait to feel the effects before taking more. 

Note: Battery is not included and is available for sale separately in our accessories section of the shop.

THC: 718 mg/g
CBD: <1 mg/g



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