Canna Bliss 510 Full-Spectrum CBD

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The Canna Bliss Full-Spectrum 510 vape cartridge is made with single-strain, full-spectrum extract from Canna Bliss whole flower. Enjoy the flower patients love in a new convenient format.  Our proprietary crude extraction method, results in a vape, rich in terpenes and flavour and does not contain vitamin E acetate or any other additives or fillers.

The crystallization that may occur with our CBD vapes is due to the high concentration and purity of the CBD in our extract.  Crystallization is not a sign of a defect and can be common in CBD vapes with a concentration of 60% CBD or more. Pre-heating the vape or warming the cartridge between your hands for a few minutes will usually decrystallize the cartridge temporarily for more optimal use. 

Battery is sold separately and available on our shop in the accessories section. 

Top 3 Terpenes:

Aroma: fruity, woody, earthy, floral

Why Vapes: 

Vapes are a convenient and discreet inhalable alternative to dried flower, for those seeking immediate effects. 
It is recommended to vaporize cannabis instead of smoking as it is associated with a smaller quantity of toxic by-products and a more efficient extraction method of cannabinoids.

Onset of Effects: When vaping, effects can typically be felt within minutes, lasting for a shorter duration (3-4 hours), vs. ingestible formats (up to 12 hours). 

It is strongly advised to consult your health care practitioner to find the most appropriate cannabinoid and dose for your condition. In general, patients are advised to start low and go slow, i.e., start on a low dose, and wait to feel the effects before taking more.

THC: 30 mg/g
CBD: 722 mg/g



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