Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: February 28 2022

Authorization of Applicant and/or Responsible Individual  

The undersigned Applicant and/or Responsible Individual hereby understands, agrees, and warrants that:

1. The Applicant ordinarily resides in Canada.

2. The Medical Document that accompanies this Application is ORIGINAL. An Authorization to Possess (ATP), Personal Use Production License (PUPL), or Designated Person Production License (DPPL) may not be used to register with an MMPR Licensed Producer (LP), as all validity dates have now passed. Once registration is completed, no Medical Document may be returned to the Applicant for any reason.

3. Registration with a MMPR Licensed Producer (LP) does NOT give the Applicant a license to possess cannabis. It permits the Applicant to purchase cannabis directly from that Licensed Producer for the duration outlined by the Health Care Practitioner (HCP) in the accompanying Medical Document.

4. Registration with a Cannabis Regulations Licensed Producer (LP), on the basis of a Cannabis Regulations Registration Certificate, gives the Applicant the authority to possess or produce cannabis within the expressly outset limitations of the certificate. 

5. The Applicant will only use dried marihuana and/or cannabis oil obtained from Canna Farms Ltd. for his or her own medical purposes.

6. The information in this Application and the accompanying Medical Document is correct and complete.

7. The accompanying Medical Document is not being used to seek or obtain dried marihuana from another source.

8. The Applicant acknowledges that neither dried marihuana and/or cannabis oil are approved therapeutic products, and that cannabis has not been authorized through the standard Health Canada drug approval process. This is because the current scientific evidence does not establish the safety and efficacy of cannabis to the extent required by the Food and Drug Regulations for marketed drugs in Canada.

9. The Applicant acknowledges that they are using dried marihuana and cannabis oil products obtained from Canna Farms Ltd. at their own risk. The applicant also specifically releases Canna Farms Ltd. (and it’s service providers, officers, directors, and staff) from any and all actions, claims, complaints and demands for damages, loss or injury whatsoever, whether arising directly or indirectly as a consequence of the use of Canna Farms Ltd. products or services.

10. In order to receive our products and services, the Applicant and/or Responsible Individual gives consent to Canna Farms Ltd. to disclose the necessary personal information to Canna Farms Ltd.’s service providers, Health Canada, Veterans Affairs, and/ or insurance providers as applicable in accordance with Canna Farms Ltd.’s Privacy Policy.

11. The Applicant consents that the Health Care Practitioner (HCP) named in this Application and accompanying Medical Document may disclose to Canna Farms Ltd. the applicant’s personal health information for the purposes of processing this registration application complying with the requirements of the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). The applicant understands and agrees that a copy of this consent and Registration Application may be provided to the Health Care Practitioner named in this Application and accompanying Medical Document.

12. The Applicant acknowledges that by signing this Registration Application form, you consent to receiving communications from us via email and similar electronic means. Should you wish to deal with us via a different channel or mechanism, you will need to make special arrangements by calling 1-855-882-0988.

13. The Applicant acknowledges that their personal information may be accessible by third party companies used by Canna Farms.