How to Claim Medical Cannabis On Your Taxes in Canada

Claiming Medical Cannabis On Your Taxes

Did you know that you can claim medical cannabis expenses on your annual income tax return? As a medical patient you can. This is one of the benefits of purchasing your product through the medical channel and can help make your medical cannabis more affordable. You cannot make a claim using receipts from recreational store purchases. 

Learn more about eligible medical expenses on the CRA website

Who can claim medical cannabis? You must be approved and registered as a medical patient with a licensed producer, like Canna Farms to claim medical cannabis expenses on your taxes. As a patient of Canna Farms you can claim medical cannabis you have purchased directly from us. 

 Which Canna Farms purchases can you claim? You can claim expenses for medical cannabis products you've purchased via our Canna Farms medical shop. The CRA outlines on their website that all cannabis product formats are eligible to be claimed, including dried flower, oils, edibles, vape cartridges, soft gel capsules, concentrates and edibles when purchased from your medical licensed producer. 

What documents do you need to make a claim?  You should have a copy of your medical document and can request one from your medical practitioner if you do not already have yours saved. You will also need to download your medical cannabis receipts from our shop to add up your eligible purchases and make a claim. Login to our shop and click "Order History" to view your past purchases and download your 2022 receipts. 

How do you make the claim?  When you complete your T1 form, you will add up  your total eligible medical cannabis expenses and include them in Line 33099.

Have additional questions: We're here to support you and available for any questions via email ( or by phone at 1.855.882.0988.

 For more information on eligible medical expenses when completing your tax return you can also visit the CRA website:

Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not to be misconstrued as financial or medical advice.