Brick Hash 101 - Everything you need to know about Brick Hash!

What is Hash?

The history of Hash or Hashish dates to approximately 4,000 BCE, when it was popular in Central Asia and Iran, eventually making its way to Morocco and USA during the 1950s. Hash is known as one of the first documented cannabis extracts, which has inspired a variety of variations and expressions by cannabis producers .

Hashish, or hash, is derived from the 'kief', a sandy dried resin of the flowering tops of mature and unpollinated female cannabis plants. With a combination of heat, pressure, and time, cultivators worldwide have perfected the development of hash to produce a potent and convenient solvent-free concentrate.

What is Brick Hash?

In simple terms, Canna FarmsTM Brick Hash is kief , pressed under heat and pressure to produce a chocolate-bar-like finished product. Known as the grandfather of all concentrates and often paired with aromas not traditionally found in whole-flower. Canna Farms Brick Hash is dominant in Caryophyllene.  

How is Brick Hash Produced?

Beginning with a blend of kief from high-quality dried flower, kief is pressed with heat for a period of time until a 'Brick' is formed. This process is repeated until the desired texture and aroma is achieved. A chocolate-bar like 'brick' of hash is then divided into smaller bricks and packaged for sale. Using a proprietary process to Canna Farms, we refine our kief to remove contaminants, then press with heat before the final curing step for a minimum of 30 days. The curing process activates new terpenes that become volatile and produce deeper scents, potency, and aroma.

Brick Hash cannot be rated by colour alone; variations of input material (flower type), pressure, heat and curing will impact the final look and feel of the product. Canna Farms proprietary process enables a constant temperature and pressure to produce a clean-burning and smooth flavour profile.

What determines great Brick Hash?

Quality inputs equal a quality finished product; at Canna Farms, we begin with high-quality kief from our premium whole-flower. Our 30-day cure allows for a full-bodied bouquet of pungent aromas that will hover around your nose to be enjoyed like a fine wine.

How to consume Brick Hash?

All-natural and solvent-free, Brick Hash offers a high-THC, high-terpene experience in a concentrated format. Brick Hash can be broken into small pieces, mixed with dried flower, a roll, pipe or bong. When adding to a dry-herb vaporizer it is recommended to thoroughly pulverize Brick hash into a fine powder, and then mix dried flower.

Where can I purchase Canna Farms Brick Hash?

Canna Farms Brick Hash is available to approved-patients in our Medical Shop.

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